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Chile is one of the most important countries regarding timber production, along with Germany, Austria, Japan, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Chile has one of the best conditions for forestry production and has vast experience in wood construction.

It is recognized worldwide for having one of the best infrastructures and great potential to innovate in the use of this material.

Almost a quarter of Chile is covered with forests, which is composed of ecosystems, landscapes and unique species such as alerce, araucaria, lingue, pellín oak, quillay and Chilean palm, among others.

Nowadays, the forests of our country cover an area of ​​17.66 million hectares, which represents 23.3% of the surface of the national territory. Of that, approximately 14.41 million hectares (19.04% of the national territory), are native forests, that is, 14.41 million hectares, representing 81.5% of the country’s forest resources, and 3.08 million hectares correspond to forest plantations, equivalent to 4.07% of the total forests of Chile.