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Our fourth confirmed keynote speaker for this 12th version of the World Conference on Timber Engineering 2021 is the winner of the “Pritzker Architecture Prize” of 2016, now current president of the jury for this year’s award, one of the 100 personalities who contributed to the Rio+20 Global Summit on Sustainable Development in 2012, and TEDTalk speaker.

Aravena is a Chilean architect from the Universidad Católica de Chile, who has devoted his work to the public interest, as well as to have a positive social impact. Consequently, he has focused his work to answer sustainably to the social, humanitarian, and economic needs of people, for which he has been internationally recognized.

He founded his architecture office ELEMENTAL with partners Gonzalo Arteaga, Juan Cerda, Victor Oddó, and Diego Torres, with whom Alejandro has been awarded for his work receiving the “Pritzker Architecture Prize” in 2016, considered as the Nobel prize within the field, also won the “Design of the Year” of the London Design Museum for his work designing the Angelini Innovation Center in 2015, the “Gothenburg Sustainability Award” of 2017, being it the first time awarded to an architect, and the “Charles Jencks” in 2018 awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Throughout his career, this keynote speaker has had vast experience with timber, building from housing projects, to educational and cultural centers with timber as a construction material. Among his many works, there is the housing project “Villa Verde” of 2010, which was built on the basis of structural timber frameworks of radiata pine. Also, it is worth mentioning his work in the reconstruction of the “Centro Cultural (Cultural Center) of Constitución”, a city in the South of Chile affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of 2010. Here, the architect mainly used wood to build this center, both in its structure and coatings. Another example of his work with wood as a construction material is “Campus Arauco”, a higher educational center in the south of Chile, in which he mainly used laminated wood structures and radiate pine.

We invite you all to listen to Alejandro Aravena himself talking about his architecture philosophy in the following link: