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By March 2, 2022WCTE2020

We are pleased to announce that WCTE 2021 has obtained Scopus indexing.

After completing a 3-month review process, we have received confirmation of the indexing of the papers accepted in this version of the event. Like its predecessor versions, you can review the information at the following link, where you will be able to search for any WCTE 2021 paper indicating the name + surname of one of the authors.

We would also like to let you know that the official E-Book of the WCTE 2021 is now available, which contains all the complete full papers accepted in this version.

The document is available in digital format to download for free*, by entering here. The password is “timber”.

If you wish to buy the printed version, please go to the following link.

*Due to the size of the file, we recommend checking your web connection before starting the download, so you do not to have any problems.

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