“Contemporary Timber Buildings in Vienna, Austria: Focus on Social Housing and Private Flagship

Wolfgang Winter, Architect and Professor Emeritus at the Technical University of Vienna, and Richard
Woschitz, Civil Engineer and  Professor at the Technical University of Vienna.


Both experts emphasize the role of wood in the construction sector and the importance of reconnecting with
this material, since its ecological features, such as diminishing CO 2 from the environment, for example, are key
nowadays for a sustainable building sector. Furthermore, the specialists shared their experiences of building
the Hoho Tower in Vienna, a 24-storey high building in Austria.

“Implementation of an Integral Wood Policy Strategy using Switzerland as an Example”

Alfred H. Kammerhofer, Head of Section of the Forest Division of the Federal Office for the Environment in


The specialist in the Swiss Wood Resource Policy presents about the implementation of public policies that
regulate and promote timber constructions. The idea was first to recognize the megatrends occurring and that
had an impact on the construction market, such as globalisation, urbanisation, and climate change, to name a
few, for which the solution was to focus on a bio-based development (bio economy). In this sense, the Swiss
Government worked on different subjects so as to encourage building with wood, as well as a sustainable use
of this material.

“Drawing with Wood”

Sebastián Irarrázaval, Chilean Architect and International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


The renowned architect shares his experiences of the diverse timber constructions he has developed, to
enlighten the audience about the lessons learnt when working with wood. He also details his designing
process, taking into consideration many natural elements, such as light, agricultural structures, or natural
environment to create each of his projects. Moreover, he talks about the benefits and maintenance that wood
requires as a construction material.

“Building the Future for Heavy and Mass Timber — 2020 and Beyond”

Peter Moonen, Municipal Affairs and National Sustainability Manager of WoodWorks! Canada.


The expert explains the environmental impacts of buildings throughout time, for which regulating norms are
essential for today and the future of wood as a construction material. Furthermore, the specialist addresses
the diverse issues concerning the building sector nowadays, such as the lack of skilled labour, or productivity.
He finishes his talk inviting the audience to reflect on the materials being used today for construction, and to
think about their pros and cons.